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Uner в гостях у "Morning Feelings"


Accustomed to living his life between the recording studio and gigs, UNER appears on the scene in the best possible way. He enters our world with his first production being released by one of Germanys most Influential labels: Diynamic, where you will also find releases by the likes of Solomun, Stimming or H.O.S.H. Baby Raw EP, has been embraced by some of the most respected DJ's around such as Laurent Garnier, Luciano, Ame, Dennis Ferrer, Matthew Dear, Lazarus y 2000 and One to name a few.
With an illustrious past in the world of production, mystery surrounds the character behind UNER. The easiest way to describe his sound as no nonsense classic house grooves with a fat beat with one aim, to rock the club. UNER has not only caught the attention of Diynamic, other labels have begun to knock on his door. 
A little secret which is about to explode and rock you at your nearest club, we welcome UNER into our universe.

mini-interview with Uner: 

AB: How you became a dj and who learned you or you did it yourself?
I began in music Business 15 years ago, doing live acts with a lot
of heavy synths and controllers. Late 90s I started to do Dj sets
and a few months ago I tried Traktor with MIDI controllers, and
now my sets are a Dj-set/live act mix, but all my life,
both Dj and producer, I was a self-made man.

AB: Tell, please,if it is not a secret what programs and the additional equipment
are u using?
For Dj-sets I use a Mac Book set with Traktor Scratch Pro,
2 Faderfox Dx2 for the 4 decks control and a lot of groove :)
In the Studio I’m working with Nuendo and Ableton and so much love!! Hahah

AB: How many hours a day you sleep?
Less than I would like

AB: Do you prefer vinyl or CD?
The most important is the music, the message that you
want to share. The format that you bring the music doesn’t matter…

AB: What is you top5(chart) for today?
01. Solomun - Cloud Dancer - Diynamic Music
02. Uner meet Piek - HDAH - Diynamic Music
03. Reboot - Enjoy Music - Defected
04. SIS - Uhhhh - Cocolino
05. AFFKT - Das / Milongas - Paulatine Records (CD-R)

AB: What plans on 2009?
I’m starting my new brand label, Paulatine,
with an strong AFFKT EP with Luciano Esse and myself remixes.
This month will be released a 12” in Eklectisch, Edu Imbernon’s label.
“Labaneria” is my new single with Amazing remixes of Coyu & Edu Imbernon,
AFFKT & Julien Chaptal and in december will be released my new EP in Diynamic,
with 3 funny tracks produced together with some
good friends. But 2010 will be “THE YEAR” with a lot of surprises. Stay tuned!:D

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